"I tried using other piks, but it felt so unnatural to use a standard pick now that I've been using Sik Piks.", Alex of X-Gene 


I love the picks, pretty incredible how much more accurate and relaxed my picking is now.  I just might be done with the Benson picking style :)  That style has some advantages but since I have so many years of standard style picking under my belt I doubt it'll ever be quite as natural.  

I like both models but the D75 wins by a small margin...I'm about to order a set.  

Sik Piking into Spring!

Sik Pik is proud to be associated with John Taylor and Mile High Shred.

John Taylor is an excellent musician, a man of great integrity, and can play the heck out of anything he wants to. And he uses Sik Piks!

Mr. Taylor used the D75 to set the "Last" Guinness World Record. After his success, Guinness closed the competition for "Worlds Fastest Guitarist", deeming it no longer able to accurately judge the outcome.

You will need to try all of the possibilities to get your future right.

The Sampler Set, 4 Piks - 1 of each, is the proper way to begin your quest for greater ease, articulation, and accuracy in your playing.   



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Frank Whetstine, 

President, Inventor & Janitor  

John Taylor has recently added a video about his technique for "super fast alternative picking". For those who like that sort of thing, this is the sort of thing they will like!

Mr. Taylor is always good for some genuine insight.

Here is a video I haven't seen in a while. Our friends, John Taylor and Fumiyoshi Kamo, both Guinness World Record holders, both brilliant and insightful teachers and of course, both excellent players. In a shred battle where the winner is you, the listener. 


Sik Pik, "Take the Lead!" 


It takes hard work with consistent practice. Constant learning with ever widening horizons and deepening commitments to play your best.

It takes creativity and drive. And still, you have those days...                           

You need every advantage you can get!          

"Sik Pik - Join the Revolution" 


Sik Pik gives your picking hand a new advantage. Like the bow on a violin.

Legato vs. pizzicato. Bowing versus plucking.

Brushing the string is easier and more expressive than plucking. 

Your dynamic range expands with bowing versus plucking. 

You get the advantage of physics with Sik Pik.

Sik Pik employs the easiest possible movement.

An effortless flow from one note to another.

From one string to another. 

From one idea to another.   


 A little effort goes a long way.

Relax your picking hand, and control your movement with Sik Pik.


Sik Pik requires the smallest amount of effort to activate the string and express your thoughts.

Practice, relax and let your hand get used to the new freedom through effortless playing. 

 "Go as far as you can, as fast as you can.", with Sik Pik.

Sik Pik - Take the Lead!    


Four (4) different piks to move you towards greater musical freedom. Whether it's mandolin, bass, oud, or guitar, Sik Piks will transform your playing and give you access to all of your ability, now! When it's easier, expression becomes just that, "Playing". 


The S35, for those who tend to play at extreme levels already and choke up on the pik for precise movements.  


The D35 for those players who are twisted already. It completes your movement to achieve a totally legato or bowing feel across the strings, for strumming or picking.


The D55, a twisted insight. You twist your flat pick a bit. But with this tool in your hands, you're world changes into a session of self-expression.


The D75, the most twisted. If you hold your pick parallel to the strings, for strumming and fine movements, this is the one to unlock your power.  


The Sampler Set is here for you to explore all the possibilities and begin your journey to greater, easier, musical freedom. 


With the standard plectrum, the attack of the note results in an irregular vibrational pattern and the note registering sharp. The string loses some of its initial erratic energy and moves to a normal elliptical pattern and flattens to a stable note on the tuner. With the Sik Pik, the plucked string results in a regular vibrational pattern from the attack of the note to the end of the decay of the note.


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Thank you for your interest and your order! 





Seeing is believing. Experience is the truth!



Please, send me an email if you have questions. Find Sik Pik on facebook. I love the idea of association, sharing what we are doing. Hearing about your work, from people from all over the world. Let's talk about life, your lives, music, & your music, what we eat, what we do, your shows, somebody else's shows. Connecting to what is going on in your part of the planet.  

Thank you all, for your interest and your kindness!

I feel we all strive, to make better music & to make music better.  

Best regards! Thanks for your interest!

Frank Whetstine

President, Inventor & Janitor 

Sik Pik - Take the Lead