"I tried using other piks, but it felt so unnatural to use a standard pick now that I've been using Sik Piks.", Alex of X-Gene 


Sorry for the trouble with the cart (No viruses involved).  I am reconstructing the cart database after the crash. 


See what 2 time Guinness World Record holder, John Taylor does with Sik Pik.  

What will you do?

Sik Pik - Take the Lead!

Are you new to Sik Pik?  

Start with the Sampler Set (4 piks), 1 of each to try them all for yourself.

Find the pik that unlocks your ability.


To get piks:

Email me your address and which "Set" of piks you want, to 

A "Set" is 4 piks (whichever you want). 

Each "Set" costs $13 (US) with free shipping, anywhere on the planet.


First, Mr. Taylor used the D35.

John broke his own Guinness World Record and set a new one using the D75. Which is what he still prefers (as in the latest video). 

As the inventor, my intention is:

You will break down walls. And open doors, to better express your possibilities. And as this design continues to evolve. We will evolve to express ourselves more fully & freely.  


Thank you for your interest, persistence and your order!  


Sik Pik gives your hand the advantage of physics.

Brushing the string in a bowing action.

Legato versus pizzicato. Brushing versus plucking.

Allowing you to play effortlessly.

Your dynamic range expands with brushing versus plucking, more legato vs pizzicato.


Using Sik Pik secures the connection to all of your capabilities.

Even on those days.

Sik Pik employs the easiest possible movement.

An effortless flow from one note to another.

From one string to another. 

From one idea to another.   



A little effort goes a long way.

Relax your hand with the Sik Pik and build from there (See John Taylor videos).



Sik Pik requires the smallest amount of effort to express your thoughts.

Practice, relax and let your hand get used to the new freedom through effortless playing. 

Once your hand has the new information, it is accomplished.


"Go as far as you can go", as fast as you can with Sik Pik.

Brushing the string is easier and more expressive than plucking.

Sik Pik - Take the Lead!   


To get piks, please email me at with your address and which piks (each set has 4 piks, Sampler Set has 1 of each, we can also do any combination, 2+2, 3+1 or 4 of 1 type).

Payments are easily made through a Credit card or directly through the PayPal invoice sent to you. I will get your order in the mail on that or the next business day's post.

Each set costs $13 (US) with free shipping anywhere.


Thank you for your interest, persistence and your order!


With the standard plectrum, the attack of the note results in an irregular vibrational pattern and the note registering sharp. The string loses some of its initial erratic energy and moves to a normal elliptical pattern and flattens to a stable note on the tuner. With the Sik Pik, the plucked string results in a regular vibrational pattern from the attack of the note to the end of the decay of the note.


Sorry about the cart.

For now, please email me ( with your address and which piks you want (4 piks per set, D35's, D75's or a Sampler Set, etc.). I will send you a PayPal invoice.

Each set costs $13, with free shipping anywhere. 


Thank you for your interest, persistence, and your order! 

Frank Whetstine,

Inventor, President and Janitor



Slogan ideas:


Sik Pik - It'll fix things down there.

Sik Pik - Let us twist one up for you.

Sik Pik - Tell them yours is twisted.

Sik Pik - Finger food for musical thought. 

Sik Pik - Get Some.

Sik Pik - Always a happy ending.


Please, let me know your thoughts...



Please feel free to contact me at or facebook. I love the idea seeing what you are doing. Having friends from all over, from around the world, talking about life, music, what they eat, what they do, their shows, somebody else's shows. Connecting to what is going on in your part of the planet. Strangely tied together by some strange twisted relationship we lovingly choose to share with one and other. 

Thank you all, for your interest and your kindness!


The ideas that bind us all are completely related:  Music, stringed instruments, fellowship, the desire to make music/art and to have our craft/art improve.

To make better music & to make music better (One involves the outcome & the other the process).

And maybe more show tunes?...

But, Love yourselves and one another.

As I gently push, Love to you all...